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The hard part is just buying into the idea of the metaverse.

But if you’re a metaverse native, buying virtual real estate is seen as an absolute must, and even more so as an investable asset.

And the investment strategy here couldn’t be simpler — take what works in the real world and apply it to the metaverse — aka location, location, location.

But now that “you can teleport wherever you want” you can leverage that aspect of the metaverse to your advantage.

Step 1. Buy property in any and every neighborhood you’d like — popular or even not so popular.

Step 2. Disregard traditional IRL concepts around square footage — small or large it really won’t matter.

Step 3. Next comes a bit of work — promotion of your portfolio of properties.

How do you do this you ask?

Step 4. Simply partner with any number of artists, musicians, retailers, brands, etc. and curate well-thought-out experiential events for them.

Now this is where the “teleporting” in the metaverse becomes your godsend.

So even if you could only purchase or maybe even just lease the absolute smallest property in the most priciest of neighborhoods — once visitors walk right thru your doors the idea is to keep that part of the experience as minimal as possible, as they will all soon be teleporting to another one of your larger properties in a different neighborhood to where the much bigger part of the event is being hosted.

In short, all the properties you own throughout every other neighborhood in effect all become gateways to wherever the event actually is.

And there you have it! Cheers!

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